Glacier National Park Bear Country A Piece of History Natural Beauty Neighbors to the North

Glacier National Park

"The Crown of the Continent"

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Bear Country

Grizzly bears, mountain rams -- as wild as it gets.

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A Piece of History

The National Parks Service Celebrates 100 years!

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Natural Beauty

See the unfiltered majesty of the natural world.

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Neighbors to the North

Right on the border between our two nations.

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With its many mountains and trails, hiking in the Glacier National Park is a must-do for every and any tourist. The park has more…

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Through the Lens

From glaciers to flowers, sunrises to sunsets and the wide range of wildlife, Glacier National Park is by all means a photographer’s heaven. There are…

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Glacier National Park is an enormous area of wilderness in the Rocky Mountains of Montana. With diverse wildlife, breathtaking views and activities to suit any visitor, your visit to Glacier will certainly be a memorable one.