With its many mountains and trails, hiking in the Glacier National Park is a must-do for every and any tourist. The park has more than 700 miles of hiking trails composed of backcountry treks, self-guided trails, and shorter hikes, which means that there is a hike suited to virtually any kind of visitor to the park. The following trails make up the top of the list of best hikes in the park, and are more than worth checking out.



Grinnell Glacier Trail


Besides being named after the explorer who began developing the national park, Grinnell Glacier is also known for being at the heart of the Glacier National Park. It is named after George Grinnell, an early explorer who strongly advocated for the creation of the Glacier National Park. The Glacier is located in Mount Gould specifically on the Lewis Range. More reasons to visit, the glacier happens to be among the most photographed within the national park. The easiest trail you could take while hiking the glacier is approximately ten kilometers long starting at SwiftCurrent Lake. Take note that most of the altitude you will gain is in the latter half of the journey, so, save your energy for that.


Iceberg Lake Trail

You are unlikely to ever have the view you will have here anywhere else in the world. It is that beautiful. The hike to Iceberg Lake is approximately eight kilometers from the SwiftCurrent Lake Camp. Like its name suggests, taking this hike will greatly reward you with guess what…the view of floating icebergs in an Alpine Lake. There is nothing like it. You also get an amazing view of the Ptarmigan wall, a narrow cliff between two ridges on either side. It is perhaps the glacier’s most spectacular view with its many peaks and crests. Rock climbers also derive much pleasure from taking this backcountry hike trail.


Siyeh Pass Loop

This hike will get you climbing up the highest trails within the Glacier National Park. This is perhaps the best hike in terms of the sheer combination of scenic views. The trail leads visitors through Preston Park to Baring Creek Valley. This is where you get to have a spectacular view of the Sexton Glacier. Take note though that the Siyeh Pass Loop is one way and you should, therefore, take perhaps a little bit more time to take in the beauty, it won’t come back.


Swiftcurrent Pass

It is probably the hardest hike to take in the entire Glacier National Park. However, hikers are rewarded with a lot of breathtaking sceneries along the way. Getting up the Swiftcurrent valley takes one by a lovely waterfall and three lakes. Get up the valley and the view becomes better. You get an almost aerial view of more than five lakes within the park. This hike also offers the best view of the Swiftcurrent Glacier (of course, the name) and Granite and Heavens Park. If you really feel ready for a hiking challenge, this trail is definitely the one to go for.