Making Memories: Top Things to do at Glacier National Park

A man taking photos of a National Park

One can confidently say that it is America’s most beautiful park. Well, that, of course, is debatable, but the park is definitely among the most scenic places in the continent. A visit to the Glacier National Park opens up opportunities for several activities, most of which each visitor should definitely give a try. Here are some of the ones you shouldn’t miss.


It is almost criminal not to. I mean, with over 700 miles of nature trails, why would anyone want to leave without taking a hike? The trails are a combination of easy self-guiding walks, backcountry treks, and short walks. Make a point of hiking along the famous Trail of the Cedars and Sun Point and experience the largest sample of flora and fauna than you ever have. There is virtually something for everyone within Glacier Park’s hiking trails. Make sure to carry out basic research about hiking to know what to bring with you, for safety and convenience.

Boat trip

Glacier National Park has more than 100 named lakes. Not all of them can be accessed for boating trips but most of them are. The park allows individuals to bring their own boats and canoes. However, always check with the park authorities before hauling your power boat all the way north. It is advised that boaters wear life jackets while aboard small boats. This is due to the extremely low water temperatures within the lakes all year round. Boat rides will provide you with majestic views of the scenic mountain lakes that hiking and drives cannot.

Take photos

This is perhaps not for everyone but who wouldn’t want to have personal photos of those grand glaciers, forests, lakes and trails. For seasoned photographers the water backdrop against mountains and beautiful flowers makes for those jaw-dropping photos almost makes it seem like an imaginary place. Carry your wide landscape lenses to capture the beauty. It is important to have weather-sealed cameras since the Glacier Park rains almost all year long. If not that, carry protective covers for your equipment. Some of them don’t come easy. Wild Goose Island just near St. Mary Lake is among the continent’s most photographed sites. Photographers could try taking early morning shots. The lakes are quite still at this time and reflect the rest of the park beautifully. Maroon Bells…anyone?

Scenic Drives

This is another Glacier National Park activity that you wouldn’t be forgiven for missing. The famous Going-to-the-Sun road provides tourists with views one would only dream of. However, always check with the park in advance since the road is often closed for construction activities and due to avalanches. The road is a fifty-mile drive of pure bliss and often involves making short stops for photos and to take in the view. Yes, those do require some moments. The park has several free buses, commonly known as red buses that were recently renovated but have been in use since the 1930s. Taking drives in these will certainly save you some money.