Glacier National Park is known for its incredible views and photo opportunities. From the sunrise on the East side to the sunset on the west side. You will be able to find so many breathtaking views that you will want to capture and remember forever. These are the 6 prettiest photo ops in Glacier National Park.

1. Lake McDonald

Lake McDonald is known for having one of the most beautiful and convenient picture spots. Most of the time in Glacier national Park, the more you hike, the better the view, but Lake McDonald is definitely an exception. If you’re tired from a long day but still wanted to capture some more pictures without going on another hike, then this spot is for you. You can drive right up to to this prime spot and take breathtaking pictures without wasting a lot of energy.

2. Grinnell Glacier Trail

Grinnell Glacier is also one of the most spectacular and convenient picture spots in Glacier National Park. The good thing about this trail, is that you don’t have to make it all the way to the end to get the incredible views. Even if you only hike a portion of it you will still get some of the most breathtaking pictures you will ever take.

3. Logan Pass

Logan Pass is the high point of the Going-to-the-Sun Road. This area is normally pretty busy due to its beautiful views, but it is definitely worth a stop. The first picture is of the Hidden Lake Overview, which is only a short walk away from the visitor center and as you can see, it is another option for a spectacular picture.

4. Elizabeth Lake

Unfortunately, unlike the locations prior, this photo op takes more work to get to. You will need to either hike 9.5 miles starting at the Chief Mountain Trailhead, in northeast corner of the park, or you can hike 9 miles from Many Glacier through Ptarmigan Tunnel. Most of the people that visit this spot are usually on a multi-day backpacking trip. Elizabeth Lake is said to be one of the most photogenic lakes in the whole park, so it 100% worth the trip. This lake is also a great location to shoot photography at night, you will have a spectacular view of the Milky Way.


5. Granite Park Chalet

This location is also a bit of a hike, but is said to be more than worth the effort. You can reserve a place to stay at the chalet and sleep in a nice and comfy bed and listen to cowboy poetry by the fireplace or there is also a backcountry campground at Granite. The chalet fills up pretty quickly, but there are many different options for chalet trips all throughout the summer. The chalet was built over 100 years ago and it continues to provide shelter for hikers.



6. Avalanche Lake

This lake can be accessed from the Avalanche Trailhead and the Trail of Cedars. This lake is available year round and can be reached by a 4-mile long round-trip hiking trail. Although it can be pretty muddy in the spring and you will have to ski to get there in the winter, it still makes for a beautiful view.