Through the Lens

From glaciers to flowers, sunrises to sunsets and the wide range of wildlife, Glacier National Park is by all means a photographer’s heaven. There are however several photography tips that will probably appeal to each photographer and type of photography in varying degrees. Grab your camera and let make some photos!


Who doesn’t love sunsets? They make for the most romantic photos and are probably the reason those sunset photos have sat on your desktop wallpaper for so long. Sunsets are quite tricky however and they do need a basic understanding of what’s commonly known as the golden hour in photography. The Kintla, Bowman, and North Folk Lakes all provide majestic views of the Glacier sunsets. The Instagram group within the area also coordinates the Lake MacDonald InstaMeet that would certainly be of help to visiting photographers. You will probably require some ND filters in case you intend to do some long exposure photography.


They are quickly becoming rarer and rarer. Human activity on earth has gradually caused global warming and forced glaciers to retreat further. Even with its numerous glaciers, Glacier National Park only has a few accessible ones and even these need a relatively strenuous day to get to. Having a glacier photo with you almost feels like having one of an endangered species in modern times. It is predicted that if the current rates of climate change continue, we will not have any glaciers by the year 2030. The not good news definitely, so, yeah, grab your camera and get yourself a piece of the last glaciers on earth. These are relatively easy to photograph and will probably only require basic photography knowledge.

Mountain Ranges

The best among these is perhaps the Ptarmigan Wall. You should definitely capture the ridges, peaks, and crests that line up the top of the wall. The Iceberg Lake hike is your best bet at getting an amazing shot of the wall. However, since the entire park is lined up with mountain ranges, feel free to choose your favorite and shoot away. Photographing these will require some slightly advanced landscape photographing techniques but hey, it is the Smartphone era, so if you cannot handle a DSLR, feel free to go the easier way.

Mountain Lakes and Sunrise

These two have to definitely go together. The lakes provide spectacular reflections right before and during sunrise when the water is still undisturbed. This will, however, involve making early morning hikes. Take your waders with you in case you need to get into the water since it is extremely cold at this time of the day. If you can manage this one, you will get some of the most amazing you will ever have. You’ve heard of maroon bells, right? Picture the shot. Other photography ideas worth trying out within the park include waterfalls, wildlife, flowers and Glacier National Park’s lovely night sky.